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Analysis of the Project

Hello There,
I just found out the HACK ATOM yesterday and I would like to participate in. Is it too late start?

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  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hi Gerves,

    This is not late at all - Do you know what challenge you'd like to build on?
    Once you pick then you can attend the upcoming or watch replay of past workshops and interview on Airmeet : https://hackatom.airmeet.com/event/8d99ec40-424e-11ec-868e-f7fade6f497c
    You can check the schedule on hackatom.org

    You can have a direct discussion with the mentors on : hackatom.org/mentors
    You should join the Discord channel on Discord.gg/cosmosnetworks and go to the hackatom section of the channel, there you would find mentors, you can find teams or ask any questions.

    One last tip, today we have a workshop on Building your own blockchain, at 12 UTC, maybe join this one if you are about to begin.

    Lastly, remember that usually hackathons are only few days, and you have now 9 days, so Its plenty of time to build.

    If you needed further help, reach out to me here and I am more than happy to help you out.

    Best regards,


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