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9 months ago

HackAtom VI: Mentorship, Dev Support and more

Dear Hackers,


We are so excited to see you building on Cosmos stack and competing for a $1,285,000 prize pool.


With over 1,500 registrants HackAtom VI is already a breaking-records event for the cosmos ecosystem and more.


As building starts to get intense, y we want to  introduce you to our hackers support program, that will be active until the end of the HackAtom VI on December 8th:


AMA Session with Judges/Mentors of your challenge:


Do you want to know more about the judging criterias of each challenge and what the judges are looking for?

Do you want to have a better understanding of the core tech behind the challenge and how to use it at its best? We got you covered!


Every challenge will have its own dedicated AMA session over the next two weeks, during which mentors and judges will brainstorm together with you on possible solutions and how to effectively overcome the most common bottlenecks.


Keep an eye on the ongoing updates on the schedule on the official event website ( or check the schedule on the pinned message in the HackAtom VI general channel on Cosmos Developers Discord Server!


General Troubleshoot and 7/7 Support available on Cosmos Developers Discord Server!


HackAtom VI has its own section in the Cosmos Developers Discord Server, and every team/sponsor has its own channel, in which each team will offer timely support to the hackers participating in their challenge.


To Join the server, please use this invite link and follow the process to get yourself verified in the #welcome channel. After that, head to the HackAtom VI section scrolling down the channels list on the left.


Once you spot your team’s channel, check the pinned message to find general descriptions, resources and the tags of the mentors.


Need help to join the server? Reach out to Daniela | catdotfish#4845 on Discord.


One last thing. We want to hear from you! Let us know how your HackAtom experience has been so far and how we are able to better support you throughout this event! Take 5 minutes to complete this survey so that we know how we can help you! 

Watch this space for more updates and Happy Friday ;)