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9 months ago

Submissions and AMAs, here is what you need to know!

#HackAtomVI Building session

Friendly reminder to our builders: In order to encourage experimentation and innovation, we will also accept submissions, beyond the scope of the example challenge, as long as those are creative solutions built on the technology provided by each team under the challenge's resources. The submitted project will need to use the resources of that respective challenge on which you are submitting the project to.


#HackAtomVI Brainstorming Sessions

There's a lot at stake in the biggest HackAtom ever!

That's why we've created a format in which you'll have the chance to interact live with your challenge's mentors to get tips and tricks to improve what you're developing!

Here are all the brainstorming AMAs for the following 2 days:

Unique link to join all the AMAs -->


Nov 24- 11am UTC

Bojan Angjelkoski | Injective Labs | [Injective Challenge]

Nov 24- 4pm UTC

Drew Taylor | Archway| [Archway Challenge]


Nov 24- 5:30pm UTC

Liam| Tharsis | [EvMos Challenge]


Nov 24- 7pm UTC

Mijolae Wright & Alex Johnson | Pylons

[Pylons Challenge] • Interoperability

[Pylons Challenge] • Gaming


Nov 25- 9am UTC

William Chong | LikeCoin | [Likecoin Challenge]


Nov 25- 1pm UTC

Denis Fadeev | Tendermint

[Code Scaffolding Challenge]

[Local Testnet Challenge]

[Build Process and Configuration Challenge]

[A Plugin System Challenge]


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.