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8 months ago

Cosmos HackAtom: Upcoming AMAs and Workshops for next week!

Dear Hackers,

Happy Sunday !


We are excited to announce that we have additional Workshop and Brainstorming AMA sessions planned for next week,  to make sure you get the support you need directly from the teams. 


We know you are busy! If you don’t have time to attend the sessions and want to watch in your own time, you can always check out the previous Brainstorming AMA sessions, all available on Airmeet / Schedule until the end of the HackAtom VI: So far we have sessions with Juno, Regen Networks, ixo Foundation and Secret Networks, Evmos, Injective, Archway, Starport, Pylons and LikeCoin.


What's coming up next:

Unique link to join the AMAs and Workshops -->>

November 29th:

  • 15:00h UTC: Agoric <> Brainstorming AMA Session
    Rowland Graus I Agoric

  • 18:00h UTC: Kava Labs <> Brainstorming AMA Session
    Kevin Davis and Adam Turman I Kava Labs

November 30th:

  • 11:00 UTC: Sentinel Challenge <> Brainstorming AMA Session
    Srinivas Baride and Dan Edlebeck I Sentinel + Exidio

  • 12:00 UTC: Workshop: From Beginner to Building Your Own Blockchain
    Noam Cohen I Interchain Foundation

  • 14:00 UTC: Starport Challenge <> Brainstorming AMA Session
    Denis Fadeev I Tendermint

  • 16:00h UTC: Akash Challenge <> Brainstorming AMA Session
    Eric Zietlow & Scott Corruthers I Akash 

  • 17:00h UTC: Sifchain <> Brainstorming AMA Session
    McCall Alexander I Sifchain

December 1st:

If you have something more specific to share, then you can also directly book a time with mentors or to have a chat on Discord. 


One last point! We are keen to know how you are getting on and if we could help you with additional support. Please share your thoughts with us by filling in a quick survey.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.